#11 Noah Kagan

From Ali Abdaal's Not Overthinking: Bouncing Back, Finding Fulfilment and Being Productive featuring Noah Kagan

“Be intentional with your words. Don’t say 'that shit', 'whatever', 'that stuff'.... It kinda becomes partially true so be intentional about that... Also try to remove the words 'I think', be definitive in your thought. Not ‘I think this’, but ‘this is what I think’. Not ‘I’m trying to do this’ but ‘this is what I’m doing’."

From Noah Kagan's secret to success in sales, marketing, hustling ... and life

On the definition of a hustler: 

"I don't know if it's something that can be taught or not but someone who's a hustler,.. they are able to deal with rejection, because the difference between people who are making it and hustling and getting success is that they're willing to persist when it's painful for others. They're willing to go to the gym and even not at the gym, they're not just playing around they're going through the pain. That pain and that rejection is where you get bigger muscles or where you get the success that you're looking for.

I feel like every day, most of my day I'm facing rejection. But the point and I think that's what it comes down to is that just persisting and persevering when things don't always seem as good as they could be or things are tough.

Like people who know me, "Hey Noah, can you do this for me?" or "Hey I want that job." And I don't do it, as a test, always, I'm like, "No, sorry I'm really busy." 

One out of 100 follow up with me. 

Everyone else is like, "Oh great, thanks for the response, bye."

It's basically a clear indication that they didn't really want it. They didn't want it badly enough. It's cheap to send an email. I feel like a real hustler is that they're like, "I'm going to go to the person's door. I'm going to call them." "

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