life happens in a blink of an eye, 5 months have passed do you remember what you set out to do in January? how close are you to your goal? or have you pivoted, shifted what you want to do? will you be proud of yourself in 7 months time? what are you putting off till tomorrow? what small teeny tiny baby step can you take today to bring you closer to your goal? breathe in breathe out now, what is something you can do for yourself right this moment?

clocking the bad writing

if you're reading this, hi it's hard. writing is hard. I wish I had a story to tell today. but I don't or maybe I do I was thinking about how I didn't want to show up to the gym today I'm tired, I'm lazy but I booked an hour session and went with it that's how discipline is isn't it I'm totally not motivated to work out at all but I got it done same with writing not every piece of writing is going to be good I need to keep writing to clock the reps, get the bad ones in to get to the good ones. what's something you've been putting off?


"You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft that you will die without ever realizing your true potential" by David Goggins This message came up for me while doing my morning meditation. Yup, okay, I got the message. 

If that's all life gives me, I'll take it..

I have been wondering for a long time comparing me now to me in the past, in particular, the me who wrote consistently everyday. how did she do it? what frame of mind what she in? what was her why? what made her even write on holiday? I keep asking myself these questions but today, as I sat down to write, I thought,  the ebbs and flow of creative energy, writing energy, if that's all life gives me, I'll take it why question how it happened in the past? why not ask myself how to create the magic now and in the future. aiming for 1 post a day.  let's go fam! 

Create bad work today

 The Universe sent me this video today.  And if you're reading this.  This one's for you too.  I love you. Thank you for still being here.  --- I'm an artist and that's what I have to keep doing. I'm going to come back and keep creating bad work everyday to get to my best work.

The stories we tell ourselves

In a recent Instagram story, Crystal shared a snippet of a workshop she conducted. She shared a scenario, Greg interrupting her during a conversation.  She could get annoyed and think " Oh Greg's horrible, he interrupted because he doesn't respect me. " Or she could think, " Greg's very excited about his new project and he can't wait to share it with me. " And she'll feel very differently depending on the story she tells herself.  Crystal says, "We need to learn to separate facts from stories." The homework she gave to her attendees was to go home and think of alternative stories to something that has happened.  --- Was facilitating a workshop on Friday and we had to work together on a creative task. A student shared the activity was akin to improv.  Before we even began, I shared out loud, "oh no, I'm not creative. I'm going to do so badly at this."  Dave who heard my thoughts said, "that's the story you te


What does it take to make a habit? I've been thinking about how I got into the habit of writing daily. Days when I had nothing to write but I'll sit in front of the laptop and let the words flow from my fingers to the page and then I just stopped writing I saw the number of readers gone up and that scared me. It was supposed to be a private space for me to share my thoughts It was also a space to help educate if I could.  Share what I know and if just 1 person benefitted from what I've shared,  I've won, I thought. The fear of letting my words be read stopped me from writing how ironic isn't it? but this isn't about that How did I build my writing habit again? I used to love writing so much, I wrote even on holiday!  It was my sacred time, time alone, time spent with my thoughts, time I felt invincible Why did I forgo this writing habit which I so love?  and how do I get it back? I'm hoping reading my own writing will help me get back to it. ---- If you'