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Writing update + The Real Guide on How to Write

Hi. I  haven't been feeling great the last 2 days.  Thank you for checking on me and this space.  Process  on writing has been subpar.  And you'd think that by now, even on days I don't feel like writing, I could easily come out with something. I'm sorry to inform you, the answer is no. That's why I'm grateful for where I am. Like how Robert Greene says he's grateful for where he is.  He shared with  Steven Bartlett (on a Diary of a CEO episode ) that while  writing, he looked out the window and saw people walking their dog or jogging. That person doesn't know their ability to walk or run could be taken away from them any time. But he knows. And he's grateful that even though he may be having a hard time with the left side of his body, at least he  didn't  lose the ability to think. At least he could still focus on writing his book. --- The Real Guide on How to Write (Or How I Write) 1. Open up blogger and type 'fbr' at the top fbr sta
 in process/ Been feeling like a temptress reading about power and seduction after listening to Robert Greene on Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett. Almost like I'm being introduced into a secret world no one speaks about. Who speaks about power and seduction openly? Robert says he wrote the book about the laws of power  2 thirds of the laws are not manipulative, have nothing to do with deception, they have things to do with common sense of power. such as being generous with people, such as creating compelling spectacles, such as entering action with boldness and how you carry yourself. about image and appearances. but there are some laws which are very manipulative then his other books really go into things like that.  he has a particular idea about power. its not a grand thing, of war or political idea, its on an individual level.  Nietzsche and Self Overcoming Academy of Ideas  › 2013 › January 31 Dec 2012 —  Nietzsche  characterized the will to power,

Reminders to myself

Do the things you said you'll do. Start with taking care of yourself. Give the best to yourself because you deserve the best.

I'm a fraud

Wanna know how important your master hand is? Play tennis.  Or hold the racket for 2 hours straight as you learn how to play tennis. Last night, I played tennis for the first time in my adult life and my whole left arm, wrist and even my fingers are swollen and aching. I can't even hold my 1 litre filled water bottle to my lips. It's quite amazing. We often don't appreciate what our bodies do for us until it breaks down. I remember when I broke a bone in my left foot.  Only in crutches did I appreciate walking and running. Even more amazing is how we forget the pain and the inconveniences right after we get better. I missed hiking so much when I couldn't for 4 months. Now, I haven't even hiked once this year. I've been feeling the effects of irregular sleep for many years.  Yet, I haven't taken a concrete step to fix my sleep cycle. I often say health is wealth.  But I'm a fraud.  I don't practise what I preach.  It's easy to do something big for

What is your why?

When I was younger, I used to snooze so many times because I love sleeping.  Even when I had work, I'd wake up at the last minute and rush through my morning preparation.  Then one day, my brother had to use the bathroom after me to prepare for work. I never snoozed since.  I often wondered why.  Then I realised.  I didn't like my job. Getting up to work was not a strong why . But I love my brother enough to make sure he doesn't get to work late.  My why was love. My why was family. Today, I faced the same issue of getting up and not snoozing.  You see, I slept late last night.  Was having such a good time typing out a thread and writing a blog post.  Most times, I would've slept in.  Who wouldn't? But not today. I started my first client and I had to be a good role model.  I told him the importance of getting up at the same time everyday.  And what kind of coach would that make me if I didn't follow what I said? I amazed even myself today when I got up on tim

How I went through a shitty day and came out happier

If you've been following me for a while on twitter , or you've read a couple of my posts, you know that sleep has been an issue I faced since January.  Truthfully, sleep has been an issue I've been facing all my life.  Nightmares of death chasing me, skinned and abused animals, seeing my brother get shot in the head.  Yes, I know, what is in my head? Thankfully, those memories are in the past now. I sleep happy most days, but sleep still eludes me.  Oh right, I'm supposed to talk about how I got through a shitty day. So I had a shitty day because I slept late last night and failed to wake up at my set time: 7.30 a.m.  I snoozed, went back to bed, woke up only at 10.30 a.m.  I hate it when I wake up past my usual time. Makes me feel groggy, lazy and lousy. Half the day is gone and all I did was sleep. But when I pressed the snooze button, the only thought I had was: get me more sleep.  I try to stick to the routine. But woke up doom-scrolling on twitter.  Never mind, I

Wisdom from Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has always been someone I look up to.  The wisdom he shares is unparalleled.  Have you watched his videos? What do you think of this one?

What is your value?

Do you ever stop and wonder how much you value you? Your time, your energy, access to you. Do you give it away freely? Anybody and anything has access to you. Or do you have set boundaries? "Not everybody can be a friend, I only build meaningful connections with people who seek growth and improvement." When you start to put a value to your time, example $200 per hour. You'll cut out everything and everyone that is not worth $200. Brutal.  But we all have an infinite amount of time in a day. Time for sleeping, having meals, making progress, keeping healthy, reading, upgrading ourselves and writing.  Whenever you spend time on one thing, you're taking time away from other things.  How you spend your time is how you live your life. How do you value you ?

Brain Health with Dr. Amen

Watched Dr. Daniel Amen on the Diary of a CEO podcast by Steven Bartlett and I learnt so much I need to rewatch it to take notes. Here's some stuff I remember from the show: 1. A niece or nephew of Dr. Amen attacked somebody on the field one day.  They went back to the kid's room and found a drawing of a person hung from a tree and the child shooting other people in another.  Dr. Amen brought the child to his clinic, asked the child a few questions to ascertain his anger wasn't from childhood trauma.  They did a brain scan and found a cyst in the brain.  When they've drained the fluids from the cyst, the child did a 180 on his/her behaviours and was no longer mad. 2. It's easy to think someone is bad, so we often do that.  We need to ask why. It's often related to brain health. 3. Dr. Amen's goal is to reframe mental illness as brain health.  A lot of illnesses are due to issues with the brain. When we take care of the brain, a lot of the illnesses goes a

Being real: About sleep.

/Hi and Welcome to the first post from the Being Real series where I share my personal life lessons. Being real: About sleep The recurring theme this week is sleep. From Sunday evening, I've had nightmares for 5 consecutive nights. My sleep was so horrible, lucky I had adrenaline and excitement coursing through my veins to get me through the days.  By Thursday evening, I was almost delirious.  I just wanted to have a good night's sleep.  No nightmares, happy dreams whatsoever.  I needed rest. Friday morning I woke up smiling.  You can only guess why.  I woke up with zero nightmares or dreams, as much as I can remember. But I woke up twice. (So maybe I did dream but they were not impactful enough to disturb my sleep) But I didn't check the time both times so I still felt like I had restful sleep.  I got the great tip from one of Mathew 's 50 sleep secrets you should totally check out here: I guarantee you’ll learn something new. I put together 50, yes 50, of my best slee

What would you do if you know you would not fail?

I started by taking action. Building a habit of writing consistently.  I'm 128 published posts in now and I don't see myself stopping. It started with one. Then another, then ten, then twenty..  I can't remember when I stopped counting but I told myself to keep going. And we'll keep going until December 2023 and then we'll keep going some more.  Come with me on this journey?

Being real

/personal Shall go off after reminding you , yes you to prioritise your health, your sleep, your well-being before anything else.  I've been having a great time in my life.  But because I just made the hardest decision I ever had to, my mind is taking time to readjust to the uncertainty of how life is going to play out.  So I haven't been sleeping well.  Since Monday night.  I'm going to take my own advice and go to bed now. Take care of yourself.  Be well.  Sending love, Bree. 

What would you do if you know you could not fail?

Truly, I'm asking you the question.  How would you design the life you want to live everyday? I've been binge-consuming Alex Hormozi 's content since I watched him on Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal .  He made making money so easy .  So easy as in, make 5000 calls while learning from the best sales guy and you'll definitely come out better than mediocre and be armed with lessons that you could use to multiply your income.  That's one thing I learnt from his podcast episode with Diary of a CEO , Steven Bartlett .  Sounds easy, doesn't it? But how many people will keep at it till they reach 5000? Easy doesn't mean without hard work.  Put in the number of hours and reps and how could you not improve by leaps in 5 years? That's why I write everyday.  Maybe not here, but at least on Twitter . I don't believe in 5 years I'll still be where I am today.  Keep writing even on days when no one is reading. Keep writing even when you're tired. Keep writing e

How to Become a Confident Person in May 2023

3 things you can start doing right now. 1. Drink more water.  If you're like the average person on earth, you probably don't drink enough water. Add coffee, redbull or other soft drinks to the mix and your water intake is probably less than 2 litres.  Aim for 2 litres of water daily this month then 3 litres in the following month. Start drinking more water today. 2. Start a workout routine. When you work out, you feel more energised. When you sweat, you release endorphins too. These are the feel-good vibes you get after a run or a workout sesh at the gym.  I've never heard of anyone regretting a workout.  When you see what your body is capable of, you'll slowly gain confidence in your ability and in yourself.  Start with going for 5k walks. Or go for jogs thrice a week. Your body will thank you. 3. Find a way to better yourself: Start by reading Books have been around since 500 BC. They were hand-written scrolls then, but you get my drift.  They were written by someone

How to Get 3 Hours of Studying Done

I tried it today, and got it done. Here's how I did it: Open up any notepad where you can record notes. Write the start time when you start studying.  Go for as long as you can until you feel you are no longer paying attention or when you feel sleepy.  Record the time when you stop studying. Take a break, for as long as you like, preferably doing something that does not consist of you looking at screens. (You need to take eye breaks too!) During the breaks, I looked out the window, went to the toilet and listened to a video.  When you are ready to start studying again, log your start time, then your end time. Repeat until you've clocked over 180 minutes.  Here's mine.  You can see I calculated my total after I saw a few lines of timing.  Seeing the time converted to minutes then to hours motivated me to keep going.  The last stretch after 7.51pm was the hardest. But I told myself to just keep pushing.  I pushed a little over 180 minutes to make sure I did 180 full minutes. 

For writers

Who said that writing gets easier the more you write is lying. It doesn't get easier I'm dying. 😂 (I'm rhyming.) But if you call yourself a writer,  give them the truth. Tell them you need sufficient sleep,  a good sleep schedule,  enough food and water,  sunlight and exercise before you talk about writing  and having the creative ideas flow to you.  Today's a bad writing day for me, so was yesterday.  But let's keep going!

5 Key Takeaways from the Deep Dive Episode with Alex Hormozi

5 key takeaways from the Deep Dive podcast by Ali Abdaal with Alex Hormozi . 1. Look at what everyone else is doing and try to do it better 2. Everybody has unique depth of knowledge in certain areas and this knowledge either comes from      a)  Past jobs you’ve held     b)  Your parents' job      c) Your personal interests Which of these three things can you help someone do something better?  You want to sell the most valuable thing.  What is the problem I can help somebody else solve that I can charge the most money for or in reverse, that can help them to make the most money? 3. Exchange your time for money in order to learn, not to earn You need to earn to pay for food and rent but the major thing you’re doing is paying ignorance debt so the vast majority of income is coming in the form of education rather than earning. 4. To start a business, all you only need is a bank account and payment processing Make the first ten free or do some charitable thing so you don’t feel weir

Where do people find other people like themselves?

I've been thinking of building a space where people can come together and share resources, videos, tips and tricks. They can support one another, be accountability partners, be a sounding board to bounce ideas off each other.  Perhaps they can talk about how to build a business, how to market something, how to start writing online etc. It'll be a community where people can go to this space to feel supported and not alone in their journeys.  Nobody will have to build from scratch.  I keep finding myself having so much to share with people around me.  I'll think, "you have to watch Ali's podcast" or "you have to watch this episode of Andrew Huberman's podcast about sleep". But there's no one to tell them to. I have my friends at work, friends I meet occasionally.  I do try to insert these information into the conversation but nothing seem to happen from there. Some people might say I'm hanging out with the wrong friends.  Maybe I am. Or may

What's the best thing you can do for yourself right now?

I'm an introvert.  After going for a social event, I was buzzing for a full day and a half. I tried meditating in the morning, reading and journaling.. Still buzzing.. Only after I reflected on my week on here,  did I feel I've come back to some semblance of myself.  By then, I've gone through the whole day of not making progress on my own stuff. It could the anticipation of the big event and finally participating in it  or the successfully playing of my role that put me on such a high.  That question,  What's the best thing you can do for yourself right now? Got me ironing my dresses for the new week ahead, showering immediately after so I can prepare for bed early. It also got me going for a run to sweat out the remaining adrenaline from that day's event. Gonna keep asking myself that question for the next few weeks or months.  I hope it'll keep me on track.  Have a beautiful week ahead!

Weekly update: Sharing my successes and failures

1. I skipped 2 days in a row without writing here.  And to be honest, I still feel burnt out I don't know what to write. I don't know if it's sustainable. I feel as if I've lost all my energy.  Maybe I just need another day to rest and recuperate and I'll feel better tomorrow. 2. I've failed the second run of my no Instagram for 60 days experiment.  On Day 12, I logged onto Instagram to post a story for the event I attended over the weekend.  I could have not done it, but I did and I feel the need to talk about it. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to start all over again. Day 1 will be on 3rd April 2023.  3. I gave myself some horrible sleep this week.   Every night, I probably only slept for 6 hours max.  I wrote, tweeted, helped out with editing and made some changes for the event I threw my sleep out the window. This coming week, I aim to be in bed by 10.15 p.m.  4. I tweeted everyday for the week. At least an original and the rest was retwe