#12 Don't Do What You Love

Some key points as I'm in the midst of watching this Noah Kagan | OkDork, Don't Do What You Love | The Wolf's Den #78 Youtube video.

Words from Jordan Belfort

"If you wanna make money, find out what you are great at and monetize that."

"I don't let my fears hold me back, I let my fears empower me. When I'm scared, or nervous, I work harder, I use it as a way to work harder, propel myself to success versus being paralyzed by my fears."

"When I'm fearful, it's my sign to go."

"So much of success is getting yourself to do the things you know you have to do even when you don't feel like doing them and another side to that coin is doing things other people might not be ready to do. → working harder, putting myself out there, not being scared to fail, be judged..."

"It's not that I'm so confident, it's that at this point in my life, I know the truth about myself, I know I have the resiliency, the track record to come back from failure..."

That's all for today. See you tomorrow!


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