#9 Glutes

Just watched a YouTube video shared by someone I follow on Instagram (@annikakefli). 

Weight Training for Women Balances Hormones with Dr Tyna Moore.

What I took away from the video:

1. Having strong glutes takes care of most people's pain.

2. Dr. Moore used hormesis to explain how compound exercises could benefit the body. Hormesis is where you stress an organism and it responds to that stress favorably. When you put your body under controlled stress and rest it adequately, it grows.

3. Lifting weights metabolically revs up your system and for 3 to 8 hours after, you receive the metabolic benefit of burning fat as well as hormonal benefits. 

4. Dr. Moore sees gnarly changes in labs with runners. They tend to burn out their adrenals and then the rest of their hormones. She sees a number of runners and cyclists with diabetes. It comes down to skinny fat. You look thin, but metabolically you show up as pre-diabetic skinny fat... A study showed that type 2 diabetes starts with insulin resistant skeletal muscle in the leg tissue. Eighty percent of insulin latches to muscle tissue. The fastest way to get out of insulin resistance is to build muscle. The first thing your body does with the buildup of muscle is to burn up the fat in your liver. 

5. It takes 90 days of strength training for metabolic changes on labs and weight redistribution to come about. If we improve our diets at the same time, it happens more quickly. 

6. We need to guard our energy, our thyroid, our adrenals and our hormones. Every food we eat and activity we do should be in support of these. Across the board, giving ourselves micro doses of the hormetic effect makes us stronger and harder to kill. 


Note: points in italics were taken from High Intensity Health's website

To read more, go to https://highintensityhealth.com/tyna-moore-balancing-female-hormones-w-weight-training/

See you tomorrow!


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