#10 Long Life

From Ali Abdaal Issue #126 Email: The Value of Saying Yes

"David Eagleman say that the secret to a long life is to create different memories and life experiences, even if those experiences are something as simple as taking a different route to work. Apparently, our brains tend to mesh together similar memories. So if we always live in the same house, take the same route to work, work in the same office, eat the same kind of meals, etc. the brain will compartmentalise that as all kinda being the same day, and time will seem like it has passed a lot faster. If we add diversity to our daily lives however, we generate unique memories giving us the feeling that we lived longer."


From David Eagleman: On Time

"We live behind the times. 

There is no such thing as now. We live in the past by about half a second. Why? Because the brain is always collected information from all the senses: from your eyes and ears to your fingertips and toes. These pathways process information at different speeds, so information comes streaming into different parts of your brain at slightly different times... It takes time to put everything together, and as a result, we are always living in the past."


Sure learnt something from David Eagleman

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