#5 Dolce far niente

Dolce far niente.  

Which translates to, "the sweetness of doing nothing" as mentioned in the film, Eat Pray Love. 

I like this definition from Emanuela Aliberti from The Italian Midday in the Dolce far niente - the meaning of Italian concept explained by Italians article.

"Literally, Dolce far niente is doing anything without getting bored. It's a particular kind of 'me time' when you don't do anything in particular: no massage, no reading, no sleep - just observing the buzz of life around you and recharging your batteries. It sounds like idleness, but it's actually something different. It's more like a break from the rat race. It's a moment to reorganize your energy. It's a way to unwind and to put some distance between you and your life and, magically, to see it better as a whole.

I will try to incorporate time for doing nothing in my days next week.

Will you try this out too? 


That's all for today, see you tomorrow! 


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