#1 Starting Over

It's better to write and publish it everyday than to wait for the perfect moment to pen an entry. 

I just listened to Ali Abdaal's podcast with Austin Kleon on Writing, Creativity and the Importance of Idleness and man, there were so many good takeaways. Here's some I found useful:

On YouTube video content: 

Videos of "Here's how I do something.." rather than "How to do something.." garner more views - Ali Abdaal

On content creation:

Gary Vaynerchuk: Document, Don't Create which is also what got me to just start this blog to document my journey of writing everyday for a year to see where that takes me.

I watched the video and it's the best 22 minutes of my life spent. What I took away from it is that, showing up everyday is better than planning, waiting it out, thinking up big ideas and executing tasks in your head but not doing the work.

"Too many "content creators" think that they only have one at bat - they have to make the one, most beautifully created video or image... But their hunger to make the perfect piece of content is what's actually crippling them."

I'll admit, I have been thinking of starting a blog for the longest time, writing a book, starting a new Instagram page to put out content but I haven't because I was thinking up the perfect plan. But there is no perfect. Only a plan and execution. 

On writing a book:

“Why don’t you assume you've written your book already - and all you have to do now is find it?”

Something that helped Austin Kleon with writing of his books comes from something Steward Brand said to Brain Eno, captured in his diary, A Year of Swollen Appendices. 


As I got more interested in Austin Kleon and his work, I found Ali Abdaal mentioning one of his books in the 3 Books that Changed my Life video.

The three books mentioned were: 

1. The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

2. Show your Work by Austin Kleon

3. Anything you Want by Derek Sivers

I will read the books and update this space in time. 

See you tomorrow! 


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