#23 Busy?

Clearing out my inbox on a Sunday evening got me reading two articles from the Daily Stoic and watching one video off YouTube. 

From You Are Not Too Busy to Read

"If Napoleon, commanding an army of some 40,000 men, could find time to read on a march some 1,600 miles from home, you can find it. If Marcus could read while he was ruling the world, if Seneca could do it while studying the law, suffering from tuberculosis, while in exile, in the Senate, as a consul, while he dealt with Nero's insanity, you can.

Leaders must be readers. There is no good life without study and practice and wisdom. Don't find the time. Make the time. You're not too busy. 

Nobody is."

From You Still Have Time. You Have So Much Time:

"What Seneca's life proves is something much more bluntly phrased in Gary Vaynerchuk's viral video, "You've Got F*cking Time." It might feel like you are too old, that things have not turned out like you planned, that you've been royally screwed by bad luck. And that may be so - but the fact remains that you still have time. You can still make something out of this life. You can still be grateful for whatever - and how much ever - time you have left. 

What if you had woken up from a coma? What if you had just got exonerated and released from death row? What if you'd found out your cancer was in remission? Would you be thinking 'I'm getting a late start' or 'woe is me'? Or would you be thinking, 'I'm so lucky, This is the beginning of my new life'?

There is no late, not as far as ordinary life goes; just get started. Or get back to work. That's all we can do." 

From The One Video That Will Help You Figure Out Your Life | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original:

"It's what you don't do that screws with you later on."

"The reason you're not winning and doing what you want is somebody's opinion of you matters more to you than the opinion of yourself." 


That's all for today, see you tomorrow!


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