#28 How to Have the Best Week Ever...

... according to Ryan Holiday

1. Rise and Shine

I especially love this quote he put up in the article.

“On those mornings you struggle with getting up, keep this thought in mind—I am awakening to the work of a human being. Why then am I annoyed that I am going to do what I’m made for, the very things for which I was put into this world? Or was I made for this, to snuggle under the covers and keep warm? It’s so pleasurable. Were you then made for pleasure? In short, to be coddled or to exert yourself?” —Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 5.1

2. Prepare Yourself for Negativity

3. Clarify your Principles

To know our principles, Ryan Holiday gave us some questions to answer. 

What are your flat-ass rules? What are your principles? Your epithets? Don’t wing it. Life is chaotic and confusing enough. Give yourself some clarity and some certainty.

4. Be Ruthless to the Things that Don't Matter

This quote sums it up. 

“How many have laid waste to your life when you weren’t aware of what you were losing, how much was wasted in pointless grief, foolish joy, greedy desire, and social amusements—how little of your own was left to you. You will realize you are dying before your time!” —Seneca, On the Brevity of Life3.3b

5. Turn "Have To" into "Get To"

Instead of thinking, "I have to do this, I have to go through this", change it to "I get to do this, I get to be the one to go through this" and this thinking truly made me feel luckier. 

6. Take a Walk (or a Run)

Ryan Holiday in his article mentioned, "Remember that if you find yourself a little stuck or frustrated today. Go for a walk. Or better yet, go for a run. And in the future, when you get stressed or overwhelmed, take a walk. When you have a tough problem to solve or a decision to make, take a walk. When you want to be creative, take a walk. When you need to get some air, take a walk. When you have a phone call to make, take a walk. When you need some exercise, take a long walk. When you have a meeting or a friend over, take a walk together."

I can attest to that. I love my walks and runs as they have this magical power of making my problems seem smaller or even making them go away. Walks bring so much benefit that I make sure to incorporate them at least once a week. 

7. Review

Ryan shares this quote in his article, “I will keep constant watch over myself and—most usefully—will put each day up for review. For this is what makes us evil—that none of us look back upon our own lives. We reflect upon only that which we are about to do. And yet our plans for the future descend from the past.” —Seneca, Moral Letters, 83.2

I used to not review my day. Then, I realised that the days seem to turn into weeks and a month or two could have passed but things seem to not be moving, like I was stuck in a place doing the same thing everyday. 

Then I read about the Homework for Life (first from Ali Abdaal's newsletter) and right now I have 68 unique entries (days) to look back on.

Also, before I end my day, I often pen down my thoughts to three other questions. 

1. What did I learn today?

2. What could I have done to make today better?

3. What is my favourite moment of the day? 

These questions, I cannot remember where I got them from but I will update this space when I find out ;)


Do you agree with Ryan's list? Or are there other factors you think could be added to make the best week?

That's all for today. 

Stay safe, be well and see you tomorrow!


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