#36 Breath IV

From James Nestor's Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art,

“Finding the best heart rate for exercise is easy: subtract your age from 180. The result is the maximum your body can withstand to stay in the aerobic state. Long bouts of training and exercise can happen below this rate but never above it, otherwise the body will risk going too deep into the anaerobic zone for too long. Instead of feeling invigorated and strong after a workout, you’d feel tired, shaky, and nauseated.”

I have been working out and never knew if I've hit my best heart rate. Would be interesting to know what is the maximum heart rate I hit every work out. 


Do you know your maximum heart rate? Do you think the formula for the best heart rate is a good gauge? 

Let me know!

Take care, be well, see you tomorrow!


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