#30 To-Don't List

I like discovering new things and today, I learnt that one way to increase our productivity is to have a to-don't list! (Thanks to Haikal)

A to-don't list is a list of things you don't do. It is a list of things that will prevent you from doing your work. However, similar to a to-do list, the aim is to cross off as many of them throughout the day.

A to-don't list could consist of checking your phone while working, browsing Instagram whenever you hit a slump, or checking social media pages all the time. 

It could be written on a separate sticky note as you write your to-do list. To be a visual reminder of the things you wish to not do.

For example, for tomorrow, my to-don't list would look like this:

  • Don't go the whole day without some form of movement
  • Don't use the phone right when you wake up
  • Don't spend your time mindlessly such as browsing social media without purpose
We often think about getting things done, adding more tasks to our to-do list. 

Perhaps subtracting distracting tasks could make it easier to complete the tasks that are important to us.

What will you put on your to-don't list?

Stay safe, be well, see you tomorrow! 


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