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First post of the year and I would like to start over with introductions and why I am here. 

My purpose of writing daily is to be a better writer. To share my thoughts. There's so much we can learn from one another. 

I read my past entries and threads on twitter. The same thoughts/words keep coming up. "Out of a 100 shitty posts, there'll be 2 or 3 really good ones" "Writing daily is key." "You can only analyse and learn from data when you have enough data".

Austin Kleon also mentioned not showing your breakfast but Show your work!

Here's a brief plan of how I intend to use this space. 

Everyday, I will write for 15 minutes or more. The goal is to be consistent so I form a habit of writing. I will publish the following day after I've written my post for the day. Thoughts that require more thinking will come out in a post on Sunday. 

Some learning points from my previous entries:

1. Summarising people's ideas that I like make the entries more personal.

2. When I forced myself to publish everyday, I found that I had to find something interesting to talk about. That kept me constantly looking out for new things to post.

3. Blogging is a great space to document what you have learnt. I re-learn while reading my old entries. 

I apologise for abandoning this space but I'm back and ready to start over and document my journey.

Have an amazing 2022! 



8 March 2022, 9.23 p.m. 


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