Buy the all-new iPad Air!

I love shopping at Apple.

I love how I went there to collect an iPhone and came out wanting to get the all-new iPad Air


Just the Notes app allows you to do so many things!

Did you know you could draw perfect shapes using the Apple pen?

Just draw it as usual and hold your pen on the iPad for 2 seconds. 

Hate lag time while drawing or writing? 

The iPad Air lets you do it seamlessly.

Like to drag and drop from various apps? 

The new iPad Air allows you to open multiple apps on a single screen!

Love doing video calls? You're gonna do it all the time now with the Centre Stage feature.

The camera automatically pans to you to keep you centred in the shot.

Plus! The view expands or zooms in when others join or leave the frame!

Mind blown. 

Tell me you're not as impressed as I am. 

Don't just take my words for it. 

Head on down to your nearest Apple store now!


Brienne, 18 March 2022, 9.44 p.m.


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