Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!

I started reading this book recently. Here's some points that I love. 

Point 7 - Don't Interrupt Others or Finish Their Sentences.

Interrupting people makes them think and speak faster. Which makes them nervous and frustrated. How can we listen when we're speaking for that person? This makes it even more annoying as nobody likes not being listened to. 

It's easy to change right away. Just tell yourself to be patient and wait your turn before you start a conversation. Notice yourself whenever you want to interrupt and let the person finish their own sentences. People will start to feel calmer around you. You'll too feel more relaxed and enjoy better conversations. 

Point 12 - Let Others Be "Right" Most of The Time.

I always want to be right so this point intrigued me. Seldom do people thank someone for correcting them.  People often resent the person for correcting their position. 

When people say something, it's often something they believe and have known to be true. What if, instead of correcting them, we allowed their statement to stand? People may start feeling more appreciated and open to listening to your perspective too.  

Point 15 - Be the First One to Act Loving or Reach Out

I am reminded that I often wait for others to reach out. What if after a fight, my partner left for work and never came back? This is something I want to practise more often.

Which points do you love from the book?

Share them with me!


Brienne, 10 March 2022, 11.27p.m.


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