/drunk writing


no point reminiscing about the past, the what ifs

do what you can with what you have now

wanna travel

just go 

wanna make yourself happy

just go and live it

nobody's gonna make you happy

nobody knows what makes you haooy

you gotta live the life you want

you gotta dare to dream the life you want

you gotta live it

cos if not you, then who

who are the voices speaking to

who's telling you to go do it

if you don't, 

who's going to?

who's going to live the life for you?

haven't drank in a long time and sure feels good to go out with a friend,

just drink and enjoy the moment,

the night, the impromptu drinks

the nice night

the highs

just go and live the life you like

cos if not now, 

then when

if not you,

then who

come Sunday, you do what you need to do

you do work, you restart, you prepare fro the week ahead

but on Saturday

you live your life

no worries

no work

nothing on your mind

just enjoy yourself

live and savour every momment

and be happy

cos come Monday, you restart and go through it all over again

and look forward to the next time yo do this


brienne 27 march 2022, 1. 06 p/m/ 


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