"I'm 100 percent sure you take things for granted." "Yeah, but..."

As human beings, we take things for granted. 

Got a bad ache in my back after spending the whole day seated on the floor yesterday. Then I thought of how I haven't completed the Traditional Chinese Medicine course on Coursera

/Check out Coursera for courses you can take up right now, for free!

I took up the course because I wanted to have something to rely on other than western medicine. 

I could guess I was probably wanting to take a long term approach because of some ailments I had back then. Slowly, I recovered and the course was the last thing on my mind.

The pain in my back made me want to listen to a health related podcast today. 

Mark Bell's Power Project: Episode 691 - Barefoot Sprinter Graham Tuttle Weak Feet = Huge Problem, This is How to Strengthen Them

Some snippets that I enjoyed. 

"You need to assess the people you keep very close to. Some people you can't but you need to limit the amount of time you allow that energy."

"If a process is not an ends in and of itself, it can never be a means to anything else. Meaning, I'm working out just to be strong, I'm working out to work out." 

"One of the things you can capture if you ask how do I pay attention to what I'm doing. The first and most important thing that you can do is to listen to the language you use... 'yeah but' is literally you saying I don't like what you said, it butted up against a worldview that I have, now I'm going to reject that. 

Anytime you say 'yeah but', you have not heard the other person. You may have heard them but you did not listen to them."

(halfway through it, will update learnt knowledge about feet)


Brienne, 16 March 2022, 10 p.m.


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