How to increase your chances of achieving your goals?

It's almost the end of January.

How does it feel like for you? 

Have you been keeping to your goals? 

I know I haven't been working out thrice a week like I'd love to because of a slight injury which caused me to not know how to proceed forward. 

But with writing, I think I'm slowly trudging along the right path with being consistent. 

I remember reading in When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink that the start of the month is another perfect time to set goals. 

Other info bites from the book include:

The most productive people tend to work for 52 minutes straight and take a 17 minutes break.

If you need a nap, take one that's between 10 to 20 minutes for your energy to be restored. 

A 5 minute nap or less gives no benefits. 

Take a nap of 30 minutes or more and you'll go into sleep inertia where you'll wake up groggy. 

What would you do with the new info you've learnt? 

I'm for sure going to set some new goals for the month of February. 

*useful video for a quick short book summary


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