it is what it is

consistency is hard.

easy to say I'll take 5 mins a day to write something and then not judge it much, 

just let it be one of the data points

but damn, its hard

like running. or working out

one of my 2023 resolutions was to work out thrice a week.

today, my head was somewhere else, frustrated about things I couldn't get done

getting out for a run was totally not in my mind

but I made a commitment

and I stuck to it.

and it wasn't the best run but I'm glad I got it done. 

I made progress. I felt a little better after the run,

the problem became much smaller, 

it is what it is, this will resolve on its own just like everything else

those were the thoughts in my head.

I didn't get to writing yesterday, but I think I'll let myself go

it is what it is. we try again today


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