Don't chase, attract.

Got intrigued by this video and its content today.

In it, a book named Dokkodo by Musashi Miyamoto and one of the rules from it was mentioned.

Think Lightly of Yourself and Deeply for the World

You get what you want by not focusing on what you want, but by considering the world deeply. 

It means to not be selfish and think about your wants but what the world needs. This way you'll differentiate yourself from the majority. Be valuable and be perceived to be valuable to attract what you want instead of chasing. 

Be the prize. 

In another article by Jon D'Alessandro, he shared a different perspective.

This beautiful aphorism reminds us of the all-too-human tendency to view ourselves as the center of the universe.  

This is an exercise in humility. Tokitsu explains that Musashi is inviting us to meditate on our own smallness - another decidedly Buddhist concept - in relation to the power of nature, the immensity of the world, and the ever-changing, unpredictable essence of reality. Maintaining a light sense of self will facilitate better judgement, adaptability, and growth, and can act as an antidote to frustration and pain.

Humility, the similarity I found in both the video and article. 

What does humility mean to you? 

Did you read about the 21 rules for life? Which is your favourite? 


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