The opponent scores!

Watched the second half of a football match between Team A and Team B. 

Team A played poorly as compared to Team B. Players from Team A missed a few passes and missed making a few goals. They were playing ok, good at best.

Team B players, on the other hand, were fast, accurate with their passes, ready to take the shot and score a goal any time. 

And they did!

Immediately, you see Team A playing better. They're running faster, they're upping their defence, they're on alert, not ready for another goal to be let in. 

They know they need one goal too to make it an equaliser. You can see the hunger now. 

And they scored!

With the same form and the momentum going, they scored another goal!

The final score 2-1, Team A won.


The push. 

The push takes many forms: deadlines, a big event, the opponent scoring a goal. 

Same with life.

Most of us are cruising through life. We take each day for granted, not making the most of it. 

We watch Netflix, eat junk food, not give a care about life until something happens. 

A death in the family, getting retrenched, falling ill or getting into an accident. 

Suddenly, we realise, life is not a bed of roses.

This life we have,

can be taken away from us any day. 

Thankful for the reminder today. 

What's a push you can create for yourself today to live life with more appreciation and gratitude? 

What's a push that will make you live life to the fullest?


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