Does travelling cure the mind?

Travel is no cure for the mind.
That headline made me click and seriously consider if I want to travel full time in the future. 

Lawrence Yeo explains that we're all living in a Box of Daily Experience where we follow a set routine of waking up, commuting to work, sitting at our desks at work, commuting home, winding down with Netflix, heading to bed and the cycle repeats. 

He shared, 
"The boundaries of our box define our present-day situation, so when we dreamingly gaze toward the prospects of an exciting future, we look outside of it to experience emotions like wonderment, amazement, and inspiration. Our current box is okay and livable, but the world outside of its boundaries is where our hope really resides."

We desire things like a a new house, a new car or a new relationship and we will attain it but then the excitement only lasts for a few months at most before we're back to the mundane of the Box of Daily Experience. 

Same with travel. A vacation is a temporary escape from the Box, but after a few weeks, we're back to our cubicles counting down the days to the next holiday. 

Then some people might think of going overseas for a longer term. You'll feel wonderment when you experience eating at a new restaurant in a new country. But with everything, the excitement gradually disappears. Your friends are not available to constantly take you out and you've seen most of the places on your to-see list. So you find a job to occupy your time and to make some extra money. 

Not before long, you realise you're back in The Box again. 

#!@*&%!  Why am I back in the box again?!

"You can change your external environment all you want, but you will continue to travel with the one box that will always accompany you."

"The box known as your mind. "

Gratitude and mindfulness meditation is the key that Lawrence gave to step out of our boxes and experience amazement and inspiration in our everyday life.

In his post here, he shares more in depth about what you can do to find enjoyment.

What do you think about what he has shared? Do you share the same sentiments?

For me, I liked looking at the different perspective he shared, perhaps many of us do travel as a form of escape. It's true too that we go everywhere with our minds and being grateful for what we have allows us to have greater meaning and purpose in life.

I've also met people who've quit their jobs, travelled the world and never looked back. When I look at them I see an aura of great courage and energy. They often come home with stories of the sights and sounds they've experienced and how they're never going back to the cubicle. 

I'm immensely grateful for the opportunities I'm given to learn at my job everyday too. However, my dream to travel have been put on hold for too long I can no longer postpone it further.

I'll be back to share my thoughts on this in the future so stay tuned!

What do you think? Have you travelled or are travelling? I'd love to hear from you!


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