Be a chicken

I love deadlines. 

I borrowed the book Someday is Today from Libby with a skip-the-line loan because the library got a few new copies to their stock and I was one of the lucky ones who saw that information first. 

Skip-the-line books meant the books cannot be renewed too. 

The 7-day deadline and the book made a great recipe. The immense volume of interesting stories added to its deliciousness.

7 days in and I've completed 56% of the book. The fastest I've read a book, or any book with that volume.

I cannot tell you enough how every story, every page just makes me want to flip to the next one. I'm reading on my commute, reading during my lunch break, highlighting interesting paragraphs, screenshot-ing pages just 'cause I want to be reminded one day next time when I scroll through pictures on my phone. 

Even when I'm left with 23 minutes to returning the book, I'm reading it as fast as I can because I cannot imagine the long wait before I can pick it up again. 

I love what I read today about being a chicken instead of a pig.

And how Matthew shows us that saying yes is how he got where he is today.

A yes can become a no, and what you intend to create can be totally different from what you create in the end. 

He weaved stories from his own life and that of his friends or people whom he've met along his journey so smoothly together. Even his mother-in-law's story (which is so inspiring) gave us a chance to learn an important lesson. 

If the thought of picking up the book someday has ever crossed your mind, Someday is Today

PS spoiler alert. When the book was returned, I opened up the app and saw that the book was still in the Skip-the-line mode! Imagine my exhilaration! 


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