Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Then I'm the beholder. 

I see beauty in all the things and people around me. 

I wonder who thinks I'm beauty. 

Growing up, I was the ugliest of the sisters. that's how I got introduced and how I remember my childhood.

I used to think to myself, there got to be an ugly one to bring out the pretty one.

I held an important job. 

I never smiled in photos since. 

I wonder if my parents knew why. 

My photos are often edited with filters. 

They made my eyes bigger, nose smaller, face thinner. I often adjusted them just enough so the photos still look like me, a me I wish I look like. 

I long for the day I'll be comfortable with the way I look, not super attractive, just attractive enough for me to think I can be called a beauty. 


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