Free water and finding your people through writing

Austin Kleon always post the good stuff. 

In his weekly newsletter sent on Feb 24, he talked about how a blog post (or a newsletter, or a YouTube video, etc.) is a search query to find your people

He referred to Henrik Karlsson's post, "A blog post is a very long and complex search query to find fascinating people and make them route interesting stuff to your inbox.

Henrik's advice for what to write about to find your people?

You ask yourself: What would have made me jump off my chair if I had read it six months ago (or a week ago, or however fast you write)? If you have figured out something that made you ecstatic, this is what you should write. And you do not dumb it down, because you were not stupid six months ago, you just knew less. You also write with as much useful detail and beauty as you can muster, because this is what you would have wanted.

Austin wrote, "If you do this, Karlsson says, "You will write essays that almost no one likes.... Luckily, almost no one multiplied by the entire population of the internet is plenty if you can only find them.""


What made me jump off my chair today? 

Finding out about Josh Cliffords, a philanthropic entrepreneur who uses free water as his business model. 

He bottles up spring water for consumers to receive for free. Water bottle labels are sold as ad space and manufacturing and distribution costs are covered by its revenue. On top of that, part of its profit goes to Well Aware, an Austin-based nonprofit that builds wells in African villages. 

Instead of plastic bottles, where most water are sold, he opts to only use aluminium cans or paper cartons to reduce waste from its products. 

A quick view of his LinkedIn Page also shows that he has tried other free ventures and has travelled to 40 countries. 

Truly an inspiring man. 


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