How to write a better blog post?

Give yourself time to write offline.

Just wrote in my journal and it feels amazing. Yes, it still feels amazing as I type this.

It feels like something was writing for me, something was giving me the words. Feels like my inner guidance speaking to me. 

My fellow writers, do you feel this way too?

I re-read some of my earlier posts for the month and feel like I haven't made much progress. There's no hook in the title, there's nothing remarkable in my posts. I forgot the joy of writing.

Then I went online and watched Youtube. (Youtube is my escape now because I'm on a 30-day no social media experiment and I don't count Youtube as social media).

I came across Pick Up Limes's video on The Routine that makes me happy and effective ✔️.

If understanding cognitive biases is right up your alley, watch her video as she explains four of them and how she implements some of her habits to break these mental barriers. 

A comment under the video struck me.

Mediocre consistency.

When I began writing, my goal was to write everyday to build consistency and the habit of writing. It'd be ideal if I published a post with a good hook and great content. But, if I don't practice writing even on bad days, how do I build the muscles for the good days?

What is something you are working on that seems to not be making progress? Share them with me. Let's take 1 day at a time, we're here for the long haul. x


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