Living an intentional life

Are you living an intentional life?

Justin Welsh believes that an intentional life can be summarised into these points:

  • A life spending time doing what he wants, when he wants and with whom he wants to. 
  • A life where he does very little of what he don't like and a lot of what he likes.
  • A life with limited obligations and as much freedom as possible.
  • A life free of traditional full-time employment.

A life free of traditional full-time employment. 

This reminds me of what Tim Denning shared in a LinkedIn post.

He said the goal in life should be to become unemployable. 

The unemployables were misfits known as the contractors, freelancers, or consultants... Instead of a salary, they sent my employer an invoice. The subtle difference is they got to get paid faster, not have tax taken out, and negotiate their own working conditions. 

Everything from what laptop they got, to where they worked, to what meetings they would attend was negotiable. 

Do we like or not like full-time employment? I think a full-time job comes with its benefits. A set routine, a pay check coming in on a fixed date every month, knowing what your work entails (most of the time) before you even start your day. 

The question is, how do we live an intentional life in full-time employment?

For me, I think it's showing up and giving your best (at work or in life) everyday. Despite challenges you may face at home, in your relationships, with your finances, etc, you show up and do your best. 

Will I one day want to be unemployable? Maybe. 

But for now, I'll be living my version of an intentional life. 


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