Minimalism tips

My blogging process:

Usually I have a lot of thoughts in the shower and sometimes I settle on a topic I'd like to blog about. 

Then, I'll start writing after putting 'fbr' (fast, bad and wrong) at the top of the page. 

I'll let the words flow without editing them much, because fbr. The point is to make mistakes and get the first draft out. 

Skip to today which is a bit unusual, I didn't have any shower thoughts. 
I open Youtube and allow myself to watch videos on topics I'm interested in at the moment. I realise from previous experience, doing that gives me some inspiration. 

Today's topic of interest is minimalism. 

I chanced upon this video by Sophie Daquis. Her video editing is great, the video clips accompanying her voiceovers are so beautiful and I've learnt a couple of minimalism tips:

1. Keeping your lifestyle inflation in check
We can choose to live a little better with a higher paycheck but try to keep your lifestyle relatively similar to give yourself more room and flexibility to spend on things outside of your budget when the need arrives or to give yourself a little treat once in a while when you want one.

2. Focus on building your story; Don't compare yourself to others
When you realise how unique we all are, there is no point in comparing oneself to another. Living an authentic life with purpose and meaning is what truly makes life rich.

3. Choose the option that brings the most value
Do I want to work a second job? Is it worth giving up family time or time meant for rest and recharge to bring in x amount of money? 

She share more tips and explanations in her videos. Watch it here or watch her other videos here


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