30-Day Experiment Using Zero Social Media

On 29th February, I mentioned wanting to do a 30-day experiment of not using social media.

Here's what went down.

30 Jan, Day 1 - I open the Instagram app by habit about 7 times during the day. I am able to catch myself when I realise I have done that and I immediately log out. I'm logged into my less active account with little 'Following' so that may be what's helping me to not scroll and consume any content. I've replaced social media with reading books or listening to audiobooks on Libby while waiting or during my commute. During my free time, I'm making progress on courses I've signed up for. 

1 Feb, Day 3 - By habit, my fingers scroll to the Instagram app on my phone screen but I stop before opening it. It is tough as I'm lacking sleep and have little willpower left nearing the end of the day. Before the experiment, I'd have allowed myself to scroll social media mindlessly. I have to remind myself I'm doing the experiment. Also, I'm thinking about content I've missed from my favourite content creators. 

3 Feb, Day 5: I saw really pretty flowers blooming. I want to take a photo to share with my friends on Instagram. Instead, I take a few photos and share it with two friends. For now, my only form of entertainment is Netflix. I've never enjoyed watching an episode on Netflix so much before. I appreciate having at least one form of entertainment. 

5 Feb, Day 7: Weekends are more relaxing time for me and I found myself wanting to catch up on my friends' lives and wind down. I stopped myself from opening Instagram but I've succumbed to watching Youtube shorts. Many times I wonder what my friends and family are doing. I feel like I have no friends because I'm not a regular texter. I did think about giving up but I'm determined to complete the 30 days. 

10 Feb, Day 12: It feels like it's getting harder. I'm now allowing myself to watch long-form Youtube videos that are educational for me. The topics vary from Minimalism to How to spend your time wisely. The questions in my head don't stop, "Did anybody send me an Instagram message?", "Will anybody think I'm missing?", "What am I missing out on?", "What are my friends up to right now?"

1 Mar, Day 31: It's been a long time without Instagram and TikTok. I'm less curious about what my friends are up to and more interested in spending my time building myself. There have been about two days where I'm in Youtube and watching YouTube shorts for an hour and a half. Days when I haven't had enough sleep leaves me with lesser self control. Weekends are days where I find trouble not using social media. I still stop myself from using Instagram and TikTok but I find the (weekend) day too long with 'nothing' to do for relaxing and I automatically want to open up social media. So quickly time flew I didn't realise I've passed 30 days. It's definitely difficult but I'd like to continue a variation of the experiment for another 30 days. I'm making a lot of progress reading/ listening to 2 books and I'm really proud of myself. 

Definitely recommend you to do this 30-day experiment and experience it for yourself! 


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