60-day no Instagram experiment

If you're a big Huberman fan like me, you've probably listened to his podcasts really slowly and have taken so many notes about the science behind getting enough sleep or getting sun from the sunset to offset the negative effects of using your phone before bed.

His podcast episodes are long and filled with so much goodness. To be honest, I think I'm only halfway through some.

To my delight, this popped up on my Youtube feed today. 
Keltie O'Connor have tried many of Huberman's routine for a year and documented what she found in this Youtube video

Clink here to watch the full video. 

I've tried cold exposure, sleeping in a cold room and time blocking. 

I didn't try them enough to collect enough data to share how I feel about them.

In 2023, I hope to try them again. 

But today, I've declared

One experiment at a time, then another, then one more.

What are you working on today? 


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