Sleep. It's for your own good.

Doctors who've worked a 30-hour shift and get back in their car, they are 160 percent more likely to get into a car accident because of their lack of sleep and get back up into the emergency room but now as a patient. 

Only 1/3 of the population is getting the right amount of sleep. 

In United States, the average number of hours that people are getting is 6 hours and 29 minutes. 
In the UK, that number is 6 hours and 49 minutes and in Japan it's 6 hours and 22 minutes. What that means is that there's a large proportion of that bell-shaped distribution of people getting less than that amount of sleep. 

Over 8 different countries, you look at the medical curriculum and look at how many hours of education do doctors get about sleep, most doctors will only be given an hour to an hour an a half of sleep education during their entire medical school education. No wonder doctors are not treating your sleep problems, thinking about your sleep problems, understanding your sleep problems. 

So astounding to know that we know so little about how sleep affects us. 

Have you listened to the podcast? What are your takeaways? 


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