Want to feel calm?

Follow this exercise. 

Find a comfortable sitting position keeping a straight lower spine. Bring your right hand up to your face and use your ring finger to close the left nostril and your thumb to close the right nostril.

Start by closing the right nostril and inhale through the left side for a count of three. 

Then hold your breath for three counts. 

Exhale through the right side for a count of six.

Now inhale from the right for three counts.

Hold your breath your three counts.

Then exhale from the left for six counts. 

You have completed one full round. 

Repeat for 3 to 5 rounds or until you feel calmer. 

You can end the practice with a full inhale and an audible relaxed sigh. 


The Kelly Miller's breath of calm exercise is extracted from Jonny Miller's newsletter. To find out more about how to operate and optimise your nervous system, read The Operating Manual for Your Nervous System


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