Failing in public

I failed to write yesterday. I failed my goal of not skipping two days in a row of writing. 

17 March saw me spending time with my parents. We had dinner, spent some time at the casino and had a durian feast for supper. By the time it was time for bed, I was exhausted. 

Yesterday evening, I was on my way back to the country at my usual writing time. I got home around midnight and the lack of sleep the night made me even more exhausted.

You could say both times were excuses but I'd say those were really good reasons for not writing.

Looking back, I could've written in the afternoon, I could have written right when I woke up.

But I didn't. Mistake made.  

The good thing is, I don't have many readers at this moment. Only those coming from Twitter if I do post the link to specific blog posts. 


If you came from reading my twitter bio, send me a dm with a 👾. I'll send you coffee. 😉 


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