Letter to myself

Live your life as if you're watching yourself in the movie and laugh at it. It changes the experience completely. 
(Laugh at your own Anxiety by Julien Blanc)

If you're like me, the fear of being judged or embarrassed is stopping you from doing what you want.

What would my friends think about me writing online?

What would people think if I told them I want to be a coach?

What would they think of me wanting to start a business?

But if you put on a different lens and imagine your best friend telling you they're writing online, they're moving across the country, they're starting a new business,..

Will you judge them?


You'll be absolutely thrilled with them finding their passions, seeking new adventures or chasing their dreams. 

You'll be supportive, encouraging or you may even throw them a party. 

When we're nervous or anxious, we get tunnel vision. 

Suddenly, we're little mice in a field full of snakes. 

We only think of not getting eaten. Everywhere we look, we are struck by the fear of a snake nearby. 

And because the fear is so great, we don't see the clear paths to run, or where the snakes will definitely not look because they themselves have predators nearby. 

No one is judging you more than yourself. Judge your work but never base your self-worth on what you do.

You are beautiful.

I love you. 


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