How to create a consistent habit with writing?

If you're thinking of writing consistently to hone your writing skills, to be more creative, or to start a career in writing one day, know that you're not alone.

Before I wrote my first post, I didn't know what to write about. 

Will anybody read what I wrote? Do I sound stupid? Does my writing make sense? were questions I asked myself constantly. 

I read many tips on writing. 

Find a niche. Write about the latest topic. Write on something that was interesting in your day, like the Homework for Life that was coined by Matthew Dicks

I tried a couple of things like numbering my posts, writing key takeaways from podcasts and videos or just forcing out a blog post by sitting in front of a black page. 

In the end, I found what works for me is writing everyday. No niche, no numbering, no chosen topic. Just sitting down at the same time every evening and writing a blog post.

But if you look around my blog, you'll notice that I don't write every single day. I found that to be incredibly stressful. 

There are days where I had a long day at work and my brain capacity is zero when I sit down to write. 

Sometimes, I write. But I don't publish. 

Other days, I choose not to write. 

But I never give myself two days in a row without writing.

I think skipping two days in a row makes your brain lazy and stops its production of creative ideas. 

So if you're thinking of writing, why not start today?

Comment with your twitter handle or website below. I'd love to follow along with your writing journey. 


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