You don't only live once

If you know you'll be dead tomorrow, what will you regret not trying?

And if you were born again the next day, what would you want to try in that lifetime?

Got a nugget of gold reading Ness Labs' newsletter edition #182.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff wrote about optionality and how tinkering and experimenting is a more efficient investment of your time and you can do that by taking a new job in a new, unproven industry; investing in an emerging skill; learning an uncommon language; understanding a lesser-known culture; solving a hard problem few people are looking at

She shared Zach Weinersmith's comic which showed us you don't only live once. (totally recommend that you go check that out!)

Interesting information that supports the comic below. 

(screen capture from the book Range by David Epstein from @okram_ovic


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