5 Key Takeaways from the Deep Dive Episode with Alex Hormozi

5 key takeaways from the Deep Dive podcast by Ali Abdaal with Alex Hormozi.

1. Look at what everyone else is doing and try to do it better

2. Everybody has unique depth of knowledge in certain areas and this knowledge either comes from 

    a) Past jobs you’ve held

    b) Your parents' job

    c) Your personal interests

Which of these three things can you help someone do something better? 

You want to sell the most valuable thing. 

What is the problem I can help somebody else solve that I can charge the most money for or in reverse, that can help them to make the most money?

3. Exchange your time for money in order to learn, not to earn

You need to earn to pay for food and rent but the major thing you’re doing is paying ignorance debt so the vast majority of income is coming in the form of education rather than earning.

4. To start a business, all you only need is a bank account and payment processing

Make the first ten free or do some charitable thing so you don’t feel weird about selling

He started a free training thing where people can train for free and then they’ll have to give the money to charity. The only condition he had was that they'll have to give him testimonials at the end. 

5. You will get a significantly higher return investing in your own ability to make money than you will in any market

He shared the example of how a girl working in the bowling alley could increase her baseline salary by going for a phlebotomist course on the weekend. 


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