Brain Health with Dr. Amen

Watched Dr. Daniel Amen on the Diary of a CEO podcast by Steven Bartlett and I learnt so much I need to rewatch it to take notes.

Here's some stuff I remember from the show:

1. A niece or nephew of Dr. Amen attacked somebody on the field one day. 

They went back to the kid's room and found a drawing of a person hung from a tree and the child shooting other people in another. 

Dr. Amen brought the child to his clinic, asked the child a few questions to ascertain his anger wasn't from childhood trauma. 

They did a brain scan and found a cyst in the brain. 

When they've drained the fluids from the cyst, the child did a 180 on his/her behaviours and was no longer mad.

2. It's easy to think someone is bad, so we often do that. 

We need to ask why. It's often related to brain health.

3. Dr. Amen's goal is to reframe mental illness as brain health. 

A lot of illnesses are due to issues with the brain. When we take care of the brain, a lot of the illnesses goes away. 

Watch the podcast and tell me what's one thing you took away from Dr. Amen's sharing. 

You can watch it here:  


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