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Been feeling like a temptress reading about power and seduction after listening to Robert Greene on Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett.

Almost like I'm being introduced into a secret world no one speaks about.

Who speaks about power and seduction openly?

Robert says he wrote the book about the laws of power 

2 thirds of the laws are not manipulative, have nothing to do with deception, they have things to do with common sense of power. such as being generous with people, such as creating compelling spectacles, such as entering action with boldness and how you carry yourself. about image and appearances. but there are some laws which are very manipulative

then his other books really go into things like that. 

he has a particular idea about power. its not a grand thing, of war or political idea, its on an individual level. 

31 Dec 2012 — Nietzsche characterized the will to power, the basic underlying essence of the universe, as "an insatiable desire to manifest power".

Every organism has a desire to expand itself, has a desire for expansion.


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