Where do people find other people like themselves?

I've been thinking of building a space where people can come together and share resources, videos, tips and tricks.

They can support one another, be accountability partners, be a sounding board to bounce ideas off each other. 

Perhaps they can talk about how to build a business, how to market something, how to start writing online etc.

It'll be a community where people can go to this space to feel supported and not alone in their journeys. 

Nobody will have to build from scratch. 

I keep finding myself having so much to share with people around me. 

I'll think, "you have to watch Ali's podcast" or "you have to watch this episode of Andrew Huberman's podcast about sleep".

But there's no one to tell them to.

I have my friends at work, friends I meet occasionally. 

I do try to insert these information into the conversation

but nothing seem to happen from there.

Some people might say I'm hanging out with the wrong friends. 

Maybe I am.

Or maybe I just haven't found my tribe yet.

If I want to build a space for people to come together and share start-up ideas, find accountability and support buddies...

Will you be interested in something like that?

Share your thoughts with me. 


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