Writing update + The Real Guide on How to Write

Hi. I haven't been feeling great the last 2 days. 

Thank you for checking on me and this space. 

Process on writing has been subpar. 

And you'd think that by now, even on days I don't feel like writing, I could easily come out with something.

I'm sorry to inform you, the answer is no.

That's why I'm grateful for where I am.

Like how Robert Greene says he's grateful for where he is. 

He shared with Steven Bartlett (on a Diary of a CEO episode) that while writing, he looked out the window and saw people walking their dog or jogging.

That person doesn't know their ability to walk or run could be taken away from them any time.

But he knows. And he's grateful that even though he may be having a hard time with the left side of his body, at least he didn't lose the ability to think. At least he could still focus on writing his book.


The Real Guide on How to Write (Or How I Write)

1. Open up blogger and type 'fbr' at the top

fbr stands for Fast, Bad and Wrong. Got it from Ali Abdaal who got it from Safi Bahcall. You can read more about it here.

I've used fbr for the 138 posts I've published.

Whenever I type that into the page, I feel I've been given the permission to just type whatever is in my head without judging my writing.

2. Do your writing at night

Maybe it's having gone through the whole day of life, work, idling around, listening to podcasts or watching YouTube videos, there is surely something I can write about.

Often these thoughts come into my head during a shower so my writing takes place after that.

3. Have a ritual before you get into your writing

In the previous point, I mentioned taking a shower. That's usually where my ideas come to me. 

Then after my shower, I'll put on my toner, leave my dirty phone alone, position a pillow at the end of the bed where I'd do my writing, get on my bed, put my laptop on my pillow, open up a new page and start typing.

4. Stop writing 

After typing away till all your thoughts are on the page, stop writing. 

Give yourself some time to see if any thoughts sneak out of your ears. No? Your fingers can stop typing. 

This is when you can start doing your editing. Or if you're like me, just take your mind away and scroll twitter for a while to give yourself the space to change your mind's process. 

Creating and editing are two very different phases.

5. When you're ready, read your draft with fresh new eyes

Be vicious and delete all that is not necessary. 

Too many points lamenting the same things? Delete all of them! 

Found yourself ranting away? Ok, your emotions are heard and read, time for them to go off the page! 

If you're like me and want an audience for your emotions again, open up a separate draft post and copy-paste those emotions for another time. 

Once you've done the killing of sweet words and are left with the bare bones of only goodness, you're ready to publish the post.

6. Final check

Read through twice or thrice depending on how confident you feel that day and hit publish.

Voilà, my writing process!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below! Cheers and have a great day! ❤️


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