How to Get 3 Hours of Studying Done

I tried it today, and got it done.

Here's how I did it:

Open up any notepad where you can record notes.

Write the start time when you start studying. 

Go for as long as you can until you feel you are no longer paying attention or when you feel sleepy. 

Record the time when you stop studying.

Take a break, for as long as you like, preferably doing something that does not consist of you looking at screens. (You need to take eye breaks too!)

During the breaks, I looked out the window, went to the toilet and listened to a video. 

When you are ready to start studying again, log your start time, then your end time.

Repeat until you've clocked over 180 minutes. 

Here's mine. 

You can see I calculated my total after I saw a few lines of timing. 

Seeing the time converted to minutes then to hours motivated me to keep going. 

The last stretch after 7.51pm was the hardest. But I told myself to just keep pushing. 

I pushed a little over 180 minutes to make sure I did 180 full minutes. 

Would you try this method?

I'd love to hear how it went for you.  


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