3 days back on Instagram

There is so many ads! 2 stories, 2 ads, 2 posts, 1 ad?!

Our attention is what they're monetising. 

What is becoming of society? 

In public transport, I see 90% of people scrolling on their phones. 

Tiktok. Instagram. 

I think texting someone is still fine, isn't that what phones were for in the beginning?

So easily I'm getting back into doom scrolling (if I don't stop myself).

I'm noticing that based on my activity on there,
(first day I stopped on a reel of these really cute twins I'm following)
they feed me stuff I like watching. 

An example: The same twins came up right when I open up Instagram today.

You know what they're doing don't you?

Get you sucked back in and trap you there so you're not thinking up plans to save the world.

Silly ain't it. 

But how many people notice their attention being hijacked?

We voluntarily give our attention to these ads.

I don't wanna lose what traction I've gained from the 2 times 30-day experiment.

I'm going to be more conscious of what I do on my phone and when I do open up Instagram. 

Social media can be a good thing. Use it. Don't let it use you. 


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