Day 1 of being unemployed

My last day falls on 14 May. But it's a Sunday. 

We don't have school on Saturdays and Sundays so technically, my last day falls on 12th of May, Friday.

I couldn't finish packing up my stuff and I left something important at work.

I have to go back and retrieve it and finish packing.

I woke up with an alarm but I set it slightly later.

Took my time to get ready and head to work. 

I woke up hungry so I went to get breakfast for myself and my colleagues.

It's a routine I have for workdays. 

Reached work and everything feels the same except I don't have classes to rush to, no work I have to do.

Colleagues knew I was coming back.

I don't usually leave my place in a mess.

It was in a mess because I was chased off on Friday. 

Ate my tea leaf eggs at my desk as I chit chat with my school counsellor, PY.

It feels the same yet slightly different. 

Went over to the other staff room to handover some documents and materials. 

A colleague J exclaimed, "Eh? Brienne! Why are you back? Isn't your last day on 12 May?"

"You're dreaming", I told him.

Because of how loud he was, heads peeked out from behind books and files. 

"You miss us already?" "You want to help me with work?" colleagues said jokingly.

I head back to my room to pack.

How do you say bye to a place that you've made home?

I roll around in my chair as I drink my warm soy milk.

I didn't say bye to the Primary Five students I teach.

I asked for their recess time and head down to bid farewell.

It's the same but different.

"How long is your holiday?" "Then you not coming back anymore?" "Which school you going after this?" students asked.

"Can you please don't go?", one student chimed in.

I told them I'll be back to watch them during soccer practice. 

I go back up to continue packing.

I left the school at 4.

I no longer have work to do anymore.

I'm officially unemployed. 


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