gratitude for today


Feeling like you made it but you didn't.

Still got to give it to myself for making the move.

Making the move to quit on a job I was no longer growing in.

Making a move to bring my parents for a trip.

I'm sitting here in the living room of the home for tonight,

an Airbnb we booked. 

Bro and parents asleep in the room.

I'm filled with immense gratitude we made it.

We did it fam. We did. 

To the 10 year old Brienne, 

look! Zhe Zhe brought us overseas! 

And bonus, with parents and bro!

To the Bree a year ago, I'm proud of you. 

You awesome little piece of shit, I'm so freaking proud of you.

The world out there is your oyster

Work hard, manifest abundance

Go get it!


  1. You are so funny! “Awesome little piece of shit”. 🤣. I think you’re probably an awesome little piece of HOTness”. 👍🏻

    1. Hi! 🤣 Nice to see you here, 😊 hahaha, thanks!


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