Social media companies are darn good at what they're doing

Was doing something really boring, packing my last drawer. Many months of not clearing it out and looking at stuff in there got it packed full of junk.

A little boredom and my fingers go to Facebook. I didn't delete it off my phone in case I ever get bored and want to catch up on my friends' lives. Yeah right. They know what's coming. 

One video, and then another. It's 20 minutes on one. (Trigger warning: Abuse) 
I'm hooked on videos of child abduction and abuse. ): Who wouldn't be? The cases are so disturbing I cannot fathom why anyone would do such a thing. 

But Facebook knows and Facebook doesn't care. It keeps feeding me videos like that so I won't get off it. 

You think you're consuming content. 
N. O. 

It's consuming you. 

The algorithm sees what you cannot stop watching or reading and feeds you content after content of things like that. It doesn't care if it's nice animal videos or disgusting, horrifying ones. As long as it sees you're not scrolling pass that content, it's feeding you more of the same one. 

$%!@ me. You thought being somebody who's aware would not get me sucked into doing a social media binge?


I knew! But my fingers just kept scrolling. My eyes just kept watching. My mind just kept being polluted by crazy shit I have no business knowing. 

Yeah. I'm only human. 

I preach about productivity, personal improvement, taking care of oneself. But look what I'm doing. 

The only way I can think of to stop all these time-wasting is to get rid of the app. 

Ok, I'm deleting Facebook off my phone. 


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