196 days till the end of the year

It's 196 days till the end of the year.

What do you want to achieve? 

Will you change or remain the same?

Thinking about wanting to make a change makes me think of so many other things. 

If I wrote every day from today, I will only have 196 more posts. 

That's the maximum I can go for this year.

That's 196 more times to practice writing and be better with it until the end of the year comes.

I would love to start having clients for copywriting/ coaching. Hoping to get 15 clients working with me for the next 196 days. 

That's 29 weeks or 6 months to bring value to people. 

If I want to work out thrice a week (minimum), I can only work out 29 x 3 (87 times) more this year. 

Seems very little, how about 29 x 4 (116 times).

Looks better.

If I visit my family once every 3 weeks, that's about 9 more times of meeting till the end of the year. 

Got me thinking, what do you want to do in the time left for this year?

196 days. 


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