day in the life of an unemployed.

0730 woke up, brushed my teeth, meditate
0830 - 0908 used twitter
0908 went for a jog/ run and it was hot (reminding myself to run earlier next time)
wanted to get a soy milk from the market but it was closed for washing ):
did a 20 seconds hang at the playground
1000 came home, had scrambled eggs for breakfast and read 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins
Read more after breakfast
Partner came home with fish soup for lunch at noon
Had lunch, read more, rolled out the yoga mat at 1 plus and slept at the living room in the sun
had an hour and a half nap
woke up and read, tweeted, searched for assignments
finally showered and decided to paint my nails of my left hand (I painted the right yesterday)
Searched for podcasts to watch. Diary of a CEO just came out with 1 with Nicola Kilner.
Decided to watch my copywriting course instead. 
1930 got bored and was no longer paying attention
Told myself 5 more minutes. Did 5 and another 10 minutes more.
Got back on the Diary of a CEO podcast. 
Watched ig stories, wasted time while waiting for my nails to dry
1030p.m, took a quick shower to get ready for bed
Danced as I listened to Mr Blue Sky song from the Guardians of the Galaxy and folded my laundry
1126pm typing this out right now.
Still need to do my Homework for life and reflection
Feeling tired.
Goodnight lovelies!
I love you.

The Universe loves you too. 


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