Inspired writing looks like this

Wrote for the first time in my journal in a long time. The last time it was 9 February 2023 where I sat down to pen my overdue New Year's resolution. Wow.

My left wrist was aching after less than a page. 

My left arm, forearm, wrist have been aching since I hanged on the bar for 20 seconds. 

I wrote at the shorter side of my 'work desk'. The foldable table that is present in every Chinese home. (I'll show mine when I take a picture tomorrow)

We pull that out from the storeroom whenever there's a big reunion dinner. Usually during Chinese New Year. It'll be the extra side table with all the ingredients that can't find a place on the main table. Because the main table is where we put the steamboat pot.

I digress.

I think I've typed a lot that my words flow exactly how they do when I write too. 

No complaints with that.

I started with clearing the space on top of my drawers. Now it looks like a mini art gallery with carefully selected items to be placed on it (insert picture). 

I guess it's natural to clear my desk next. I've been wanting to write for a while. But how to when my table is a mess?

Now they're both bare and happy. I can feel my drawers and table dancing in delight.

I'm happy too. And maybe my head is clearer so thoughts are flowing to me better too.

I'll be back tomorrow. Have an awesome day/ night lovelies. 

I love you.


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