How do you get up at the time you said you would? (for the self-employed)

I've been struggling with this for a few weeks now. 

I didn't have an answer.

Then I asked the shower gods as I showered today. 

For those of you who get creative ideas in the shower, you know what I mean ;)

Shower God Bree answered "You can't get up before 7.30 a.m. everyday because you don't have something important to get up for."

Oh wow, I thought.

What she said is exactly right!

Ok, then what's important? I asked.

And she questioned me back, "Isn't Everest Base Camp something important to you?"

Ahh. It is. And I haven't got the time to train for it because I've been sleeping. ;/

Thank you Shower God Bree. 


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